Education, training, networking, learning, cocktail reception, and lots of food! 


Your registration would include: 

  • Access to all educational classes: Choose from as many as 43 different classes! 
  • Invaluable networking: Meet and learn from permanent jewelry artists just like you!
  • Entry to the PJ Marketplace: Build the perfect supply chain! 
  • Official Certificate of Attendance: You'll receive an official certificate you can display with pride! 
  • Dinner, Cocktails, Two Lunches: Your registration includes cocktails, dinner, and two lunches! 
  • PJX reserved pool cabana: There’ll be fun in the sun at the PJX cabana (for hotel guests only)!
  • Awesome swag: Take home and show off your official PJX gear!

Permanent Jewelry Training

The Only Conference Dedicated to Permanent Jewelry Learning! 

  • 43 How-to Classes that will Grow Your Business!
  • 21 Experienced Instructors Ready to Share Everything They Know!

Course Instructors

Paulene Everett

Paulene has been a jeweler since 2017 with prior experience in steel fabrication and welding. When Paulene discovered jewelry production, she took everything she already knew and applied it to a smaller scale. She loves being able to create art through mechanical processes. As a member of the Rio Grande Tech Team, she dove into the educational opportunities that have helped make her the jeweler she is today. She specializes in Permanent Jewelry, fabrication and much more. She now helps others learn by sharing her experience with those in the industry and sharing her passion for jewelry making.


• Chain and Charm Secrets that Boost Sales

Jen Thyrion

Jen Thyrion is a girl on fire! From the moment you meet her you’ll be amazed by her energy and enthusiasm for permanent jewelry. A true entrepreneur at heart, Jen founded Goldilinks that provides others with a turnkey business opportunity.


• Scaling Your Business by Offering Handmade Jewelry

• Community Over Competition

Melissa Muir

For more than two decades, Melissa has used her skills as a talented educator to help thousands of people become more knowledgeable about tools, their uses, care and maintenance. She works with some of the largest names in the industry as she shares her knowledge and love of various metalsmithing techniques and tools, including micro TIG welding and all things jewelry making. Be sure to visit her YouTube Channel where she has hundreds of videos for even more jewelry education.


• Get the Weld Right

• Building Your Inventory

• Maximizing Your investment in Your Welder

• How to Troubleshoot Your Welds

• Tools of the Trade

Kim Thompson

Kim Thompson is the founder of three successful businesses including Love, EROS, a custom hat and permanent jewelry bar. Kim is a veteran of the United States Air Force where she served in the medical field. She later transitioned into medical device sales and eventually landed in tech sales. When she and her wife, also named Kim, aren’t working within one of their businesses you’ll find them manifesting their lives, hanging with their three rescue pups, enjoying new restaurants, or planning visits to her son, a paratrooper in the United States Army.


• Money Mindset: How Your Relationship with Money Affects Your Business

Ashley Donnell

Ashley Donnell is the owner and founder of The Babe Standard, an accessories business based in Kansas City that has offered permanent jewelry for nearly two years. Ashley has felt all the highs and lows of this service-based business. Prior to offering permanent jewelry, Ashley sold ready-to-wear jewelry and accessories via a brick & mortar shop as well as pop-up’s across 19 states. She currently has two brick and mortar stores and a team of eight. In less than 5 years in business, she surpassed the $1 million in sales mark.


• Scaling from Hobby to a Million Dollar Business

• From Crystal Balls to Cash: Sales Projections and Building a Buying Plan

• Rising to the Top: How to Build a Standout Brand in a Saturated Market

Lyndi Love

With decades of DTC experience, Lyndi has been key to building multimillion-dollar luxury brands. She graduated from several leadership programs and earned her degree in business with the highest honors. Most recently, she left her career to fully pursue her permanent jewelry business and coaching. Lyndi founded Permanent Jewelry Bestie and the only internationally accredited training program, the Permanent Jewelry Business Academy. Passionate about uplifting women, she donates a portion of her businesses' sales to organizations benefiting women. Lyndi aims to accelerate success, provide support, knowledge, and a community for empowering female entrepreneurs while prioritizing the best tools and safest industry practices.


• Connect and Thrive: Mastering the Art of Networking for Success

• Sustainable Success: Mastering Profitable Pricing

Tony Cruz

Tony Cruz is a marketing and coaching expert who specializes in helping small businesses scale to 6 and 7 figures. With years of experience in large and small business development, Tony understands the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs. From social media marketing to client retention strategies, Tony can help business professionals build their brands and increase their profits.


• How to Scale Your Business

• How to Sell Your Service

• How to Create a Predictable Business

Shari Tammietti

Voted Best Instructor in 2023! Shari Tammietti is a successful entrepreneur who explains in fine, simple detail how to make your social media catch attention and drive business. She'll discuss photography, color pallet, and content. You're guaranteed to walk away with at least one tip that will significantly boost sales.


• Lights, Camera, Content!

Christine Coughlin

With a background as a Union Tradeswoman and a proud member of Local 537 Pipefitters, Christine’s love for welding sparked at the age of 15. From guiding summer classes to mentoring adults in her local union, teaching is where Christine truly shines. Currently advancing as a Certified Welding Inspector and Educator, her dedication to sharing knowledge is unwavering. But it doesn’t stop there. Christine’s journey in jewelry-making started with a passion for crafting wearable beauty, evolving into welded permanent jewelry.


• Top 10 Tricks to Get the Perfect Weld

• Permanent Jewelry Welding 101

Dana Ho

Dana Ho has over 30 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the jewelry industry. She has done it all: selling handmade jewelry at markets and pop ups to pay for tuition for her fine arts studies and MBA; operating a retail store; wholesaling components to jewelry designers, and now permanent jewelry artists, all over the world. She has worked with factories around the world, visiting and learning from their processes and technology. In person and on her social media,


• Everything You Need to Know About Pop-up's

• How to Overcome Social Anxiety

• How to Operate an International Permanent Jewelry Business

• Chain 2.0: Everything You Need to Know About Gold Filled

Crystal Fox

Crystal Fox is one of the only Independent Insurance Agents solely specializing in the beauty industry; focusing on MedSpas, Permanent Makeup, Esthetics and Permanent Jewelry. Prior to becoming a licensed insurance agent, Crystal was in the beauty industry for over 10 years! Her beauty expertise and passion for insurance make her the perfect agent to protect your business.


• Everything You Need to Know About PJ Insurance

Andrea Lazarus

As a seasoned marriage and family therapist with over two decades of experience, Andrea has honed an extraordinary ability to connect with a diverse array of clients. She has had the privilege of working with a wide variety of clients, providing guidance and support through their personal journeys. Her commitment to helping others extends to leading support groups for those dealing with loss, where she offers a compassionate space for healing and connection. Her creative side flourished during graduate school, where she began making jewelry, a passion that led to the launch of her permanent jewelry business early last year. This venture allows her to combine her artistic expression with her deep understanding of personal stories and connections.


• How to Create Meaningful Connections with Your Customers

Brianna Zenna

Brianna Zenna is the founder of Linked Local NJ, a flourishing permanent jewelry business. Starting as a 27-year-old with a small side venture, Brianna navigated a path that transformed her business into a six-figure company within just 12 months. Now in the driver's seat of the largest permanent jewelry store on the Jersey Shore, Brianna is passionate about sharing insights on business growth, entrepreneurship, and the pursuit of financial freedom. At the PJX, Brianna will help you turn passion into a prosperous and sustainable enterprise.


• The Art of the Upsell: Strategic Techniques Specific to Permanent Jewelry

• When and How to Scale Your Permanent Jewelry Business

Danielle Watt

With over 13 years of full-time jewelry design, making, and silversmithing experience, Danielle added welding to her studio two years ago to increase the efficiency of production work. She added permanent jewelry as a service "just to help pay off the welder". Two years later, permanent jewelry remains a pillar of the services she offers through River Valley Designs. Danielle's favorite aspect of jewelry making and permanent jewelry is metallurgy, or the science of metal properties. She enjoys helping others learn about metals, welding, and silversmithing.


• FundaMETALS: Permanent Jewelry Metals Basics and How to Source them without Getting Scammed

Angelique Fernlund

Angelique Fernlund has spent decades working in payroll and has a master’s degree in Human Resources Management. In fall of 2022, Angelique fell in love with permanent jewelry. This business of connecting people through the permanent jewelry experience is right where she belongs. From employee to entrepreneur, she understands figuring out how to run and grow a small business isn’t always easy and shares her own knowledge and experience to help others.


• How My Customers Find Me on Google

• Hiring Correctly: Employee vs Contractor

Michelle Dall'Acqua

Michelle Dall'Acqua is the artist and entrepreneur behind Heartstrings Jewelry, a Canadian company specializing in permanent jewelry, gold, and transforming well-loved instrument strings into eco-luxury fine jewelry. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree as well as the Level 4 Certificate in Gemmology from the Gemmological Association of Great Britain with extensive experience in micro welding. Michelle’s unique collaborations within the gold, gemstone, and music industries have helped her grow a small local business into a recognized brand with global reach.


• Going for Gold: How to Take Your Permanent Jewelry Business to the Next Level

Jake Randolph

Jake Randolph, a former Air Force Pilot turned Beauty Business Marketer, has been in the beauty industry since 2017. He’s helped over 10,000 businesses grow around the world. He is the founder of LINKED Permanent Jewelry Training and Permanent Jewelry Marketing and also owns a permanent jewelry salon in Chicago. Make sure to snag a copy of his book, "The No-Fluff Guide to Growing Your Beauty Business." If you need help getting more clients or scaling your business, Jake is definitely who you should reach out to!


• Social Media Marketing Secrets

• The Power of Video Marketing

Joanna Jacobs

Joanna is the brains behind The Babe Bodega, a revolutionary beauty experience boutique in the Chicago area. Joanna is a dynamic resource for professionals, sharing her passion and knowledge with new and seasoned pros alike. Joanna is dedicated to empowering small business owners through collaboration and creating beautiful spaces for everyone to feel confident. With an infectious spirit and a wealth of expertise, Joanna is a thriving force in the industry.


• What I Wish I Knew Growing My Permanent Jewelry Business

• Creating Community in PJ: A Collaborative Approach

Steve McCandless

Steve McCandless aspired to become a corporate banker or hedge fund manager yet somehow ended up in digital marketing. Twenty years later Steve works with 1,000 companies, large and small, who sell something or have a purpose in which Steve believes. Many of his clients have been with him for as many as 15 years. “People believe marketing is finding the magic to make people react to you,” Steve says. “But in reality, marketing is a process, not a single event, so companies that see success are simply consistent.” Steve stresses that consistency is the name of his game, and it has won out for years.


• Process Pro Digital Marketing

Nina Wynn

Nina Wynn is an award-winning jewelry designer with two decades of experience, celebrated for her specialized craftsmanship in natural gemstones and diamonds. Her designs are renowned for their unique blend of elegance and modernity, earning accolades and awards on global platforms. Her progressive approach not only defines the cutting edge of jewelry design but also ensures each piece from her collection offers a distinct, high-quality alternative for discerning consumers seeking both style and substance.


• Sparkle & Scale: Merge the Beauty of Gemstones to Boost Sales

Kerrie Fitzgerald

Kerrie Fitzgerald is the founder of Ecommerce Society LLC, hosts 'The Ecommerce Society Podcast,’ and author of 'Customer Obsession.'" An expert in marketing, Kerrie helps e-commerce brands in becoming customer favorites through organic marketing, email, customer loyalty, and website conversion strategies. Kerrie is founder of The Dapper Dog and the new Amusejoy Poo Bags, a software business helping ecommerce businesses create strategy and growth.


• How to Create Customer Obsessed Loyal Superfans

• How to Create an Organic Marketing Flywheel for Your Brand

• How to Create Sales on Auto Pilot with eMail Marketing

Terri Berry

Terri Berry is a wife, mother, and dog mom. She has a MA in Accounting from the University of Central Florida. With her husband, Terri is the owner of three thriving businesses. With a keen eye for opportunities and talent in innovation, Terri added permanent jewelry to her existing beauty business and has propelled it to new heights. At the core of Terri’s success lies her dedication to fostering relationships with customers, suppliers, and fellow artists.


• Unlock the Secrets to Building Customer Relationships

Did You Attend PJX Last Year?

Six Reasons Why You Must Attend Again:

1. Something to Learn Even for Seasoned Artists. There is always something new to learn or to review. How will your business grow if you're not continually learning?

2. Longer Class Periods. Every class lasts 90 minutes, which is a 50% increase from 2023—more time for instructors to share.

3. Biggest PJX Marketplace Ever! At last count, the PJX Marketplace will be packed with 24 sponsors. You'll add new ideas to your offering.

4. Reconnect and Connect with Key Influencers. You're going to bump into that one person who will help you generate an idea that will boost your business. You don't want to miss that moment.

5. New Welders? New Chain Styles? New Opportunities? PJX is the place for sponsors to debut new products and services. Be the first to see, touch, use, purchase products and services that will increase profits.

6. VIP Alumni Designation. Your official attendee badge will clearly designate you as an experienced PJ artist.

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Education, training, networking, learning, cocktail reception, and lots of food! 

Your registration includes: 

  • Access to all educational classes: Choose from as many as 44 different classes! 
  • Entry to the PJ Marketplace: Connect with key suppliers! 
  • Official Certificate of Attendance: You'll receive an official certificate you can display with pride! 
  • Welcome cocktail reception for networking: Start PJX with cocktails, food, and fun! And more food!
  • Delicious lunch buffet on Wednesday and Thursday: You’re guaranteed to gain a few pounds! 
  • PJX reserved pool cabana: There’ll be fun in the sun at the PJX cabana (for hotel guests only)!
  • Awesome swag: Take home and show off your official PJX gear!


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